2017 Directory & Membership scheme
We are building a Directory of co-operatives and mutuals in the South West which will be launched in March 2017.  Entry into the Directory is FREE.
We are also undertaking a Membership drive to help raise funds to promote the co-operative business model in the South West.  Membership is open to any co-operative or mutual organisation who work in or are based in the South West. There are two levels of membership subscription: Standard membership is £40 pa and the Premium subscription is £100 or greater, dependent on what the member wishes to contribute.  If you would like to join us, but do not feel able to pay a fee, we do consider requests to waive the fee.  If you would like to discuss the levels of membership subscription do please get in touch by emailing: hello@branding.coop.
 To have your organisation feature in the South West  2017 Directory of co-operatives and mutuals please complete the form below, you can also apply for membership or make a donation on this site.  We will send you an invoice for your membership fee or donation.
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Thank you for your interest in supporting Co-operatives South West.

What is the name of your co-operative or mutual organisation that you represent? *

What's the first and last name of the main contact? *

How would you like the organisation's name to appear in the Co-operatives South West 2017 Directory?  This could be your Trading name. *

What sector does your co-operative/mutual MAINLY work in? *

What legal form is your organisation? *

If you said your business was one of the following forms:
- Society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act (aka Industrial and Provident Society)
- Company (Limited By Guarantee or Limited By Share)
- Community Interest Company (Limited by Guarantee or Limited by Share)
- Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
- Friendly Society
- Unincorporated or Partnership

What is your registered number?

And what's your organisation's full postal address? *

What's your contact email address? *

What is the main website address for your organisation?

The telephone number for your organisation? *

Would you like your telephone number included in the 2017 Directory? *

We think that social media is really important and we would like to connect and promote you. If your organisation has a Facebook page what is it?

We'd also like to connect with you on Twitter.
If your organisation has a Twitter page what is it?

Would you like us to keep you updated on any co-operative news and events happening in the South West?  We promise not to fill your in-box!

Would you like to join Co-operatives South West, and if so what type of Member do you wish to become?
We will be in touch with you separately regarding your payment. *

If you would like to become a Premium Member, how much would you like to donate?
We will be in touch with you separately regarding your payment.

If we have asked to join Co-operatives South West:
We confirm that we are a co-operative or mutual organisation and agree with Co-operatives South West’s Objects and Rules http://www.cooperatives-sw.coop/membership/rules/ and agree that, if we do not already hold a share then, £1 of our membership fee may be used to pay for one share in Co-operatives South West Limited.

Thank you for providing your details.  The Co-operatives South West website and Directory can be viewed at http://www.cooperatives-sw.coop/.

We aim to come back to you within 4 - 6 weeks.

Co-operatives South West

If you have any questions about this process please email hello@branding.coop or write your question here.

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